Marketing Automation Starter
Starting with marketing automation can be challenging. Especially for companies who just starting out marketing automation.
Jumping from a HubSpot Starter plan to HubSpot Professional increases the plan cost by ±16x. It can be frustrating and cost-ineffective at start.

What if there is a way to utilize HubSpot marketing automation functions at a fraction of the cost?

Introducing HubSpot Marketing Automation Starter.
$400 /month
Premium Plan
$200 / month
Plus Plan
$100 / month
Starter Plan
Triggered daily
Up to 4000 automated emails a month
Up to 25 workflows
Triggered daily
Up to 2000 automated emails a month
Up to 10 workflows
Triggered daily
Up to 1000 automated emails a month
Up to 5 workflows
How It Works
Pick a Plan and Grow
Purchase the plan, and enjoy the automation.
Our employees will follow the automation steps daily.
Hand over automation
logic to us
Meet with us via chat, email or call to grant us access to your HubSpot portal. So that we can copy the automation logic and integrate our team.
Build workflows and automated email logic in HubSpot
NB! If you need help with building the logic, please book a call with us so that we can help.
Start Free Trial of Marketing Professional
In HubSpot click on Automation > Workflows > Start a free 14-day trial.