HubSpot Admin

Getting a specific answer from support can be challenging. Why our support differs? Because we focus on solving the problem, not answering the question. That way, your team will not be interrupting.

Support reps will typically address your questions by sending HubSpot Articles and documentation to study.

We've studied all the HubSpot documentation for you, and we will provide a solution. So your team is not interrupted by reviewing boring documents and keeps selling while we solve the problem.
HubSpot Admin
$250 / month
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Private company chat channel with the consultant
  • Up to 5 hours of monthly work such as:
  • Team training zoom sessions
  • Instant support
  • Custom reporting setup
  • KPI's weekly chat notifications
  • Keep your portal and data clean
  • Monthly data backup
  • Microsoft excel / Google spreadsheets support
Deduplication checks
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